05 April 2017



Sustainable race apparel that makes a difference.

Inspired and driven by the experience, passion and precision of our athletes and ambassadors, the iXS Race World cup Edition is made for ambitious DH & Enduro Athletes who’s live is committed to the race against the Clock. The World-Cup Edition Kit with a Race-Short, a Race-Pant and a Longsleeve-Jersey come with a tight tailored fit. The Jersey’s light but tough fabric made of recycled polyester dries quick and full side mesh keeps you cool and comfortable at any stage of the race. Shorts and Pants made of rugged lightweight Nylon, are having only a small zipped back-pocket for a maximum performance. Developed with and for DH World Champion and Overall-World Cup winner Rachel and Gee Ather-ton, to tickle the last hundreds out of every run, to make the winning difference.

-Fitted/Perfomance Race Passform
-100% recycling PET/Polyester
-Moisture wicking & quick dry
-Brace NeckTM ready
-Aeration & Mesh Inserts

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Recycling is an environmentally friendly method of processing starting materials into sustainable textiles, as a basis for jerseys or shorts. For example, iXS is a starting material based on recycled plastic from PET bottles. These are collected, cleaned, ground and processed into a granulate. In the next part of the process, this granulate is melted down and then spun into yarn. This results in a top-quality polyester textile, saving up to 50 percent of the energy used in the production process and around 50 percent of CO2 emissions.

PET bottles are collected. Then they are cleaned and ground. Raw material is processed into granulate. The granulate is melted down and spun into yarn. The result is a top-quality polyester textile.