Richie Schley

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Born in Vancouver, BC, raised in Kamloops, BC, became a Professional Free-rider and Freeskier in Whistler, BC. I was the Canadian Pro BMX Champion in 1993 and along with my skiing background became one of the original Free-riders.


My father was a construction worker, which instilled good working values in me, which I attribute a lot to my success in my career. 

Real Value?

I was raised to work hard and go after what I want, so I did. My dad was an old school hard ass guy, so I had to be tough and get the job done.


I ride IXS from head to toe because it is cool, functional and keeps me safe.


Follow your passion and dreams, not other people.

Lives in: USA
Nationality: CAN
Bike: Rotwild
iXS Gear: Helmets, Pads & Apparel