René Wildhaber

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Switzerland is my Home. In Flumserberg I have my roots and I still live there because it’s very beautiful. As a mountain Farmers son it was not that usual to start biking. But somehow I got to win many races in XC, DH and Enduro. 


Internationally I was Vice European Champion in DH and won over 20 Mega Avalanche Style Races.

Real Value?

My Bike-Life adventure takes me to many great places and I meet great people. That means a lot to me!


I use IXS Protection gear because it is save looks decent and lasts long! For Enduro I use the Flow product Line, because it’s good ventilated and easy to pedal with. For DH I use Carve EVO for an extra of protection.

Bike: Trek
iXS Gear: Protectors