Hans Rey was born in Germany in 1966, this Swiss/American national now resides in Laguna Beach, California with his wife Carmen. Hans is a former Trials World Champion and inductee of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, he is widely considered to be a pioneer of both the Mountain Bike Freeride movement and the Trials riding scene. As a professional rider and ambassador for the sport he continues to travel the world having so far visited seventy different countries.


During the mid nineteen nineties, Hans created the Hans Rey Adventure Team visiting remote and extreme locations around the globe, often riding his bike where a bicycle had never been ridden before. In addition Hans would seek out locations that were both historic and held some mystery, always capturing his exploits for the media.

In 2005 Hans started a non-profit charity called Wheels 4 Life, giving bicycles to people most in need of transportation in developing countries.

Currently he is working with IMBA to develop more beginner friendly flow trails, like this Flow Country Trails idea. Rey has been a pro mountain biker for 30 years!

Real Value?

Be as good as you can and treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Have respect, commonsense and pursue your dreams. 


I’m riding iXS helmets, gloves, and protection. I prefer functional light weight versions, such as the flow pads which I helped design or the new Trail XC helmet, which is kind of a mix between a Enduro and XC helmet. I have my own Hans Rey Certified signature products which I’m proud of and I had a lot of input designing them. I am really happy to be associated and supported by iXS, love their innovative and progressive products as well as their support of the sport and lifestyle. It is brands like iXS who make mountain biking special. 


Be responsible for your own fun. 

Lives in: USA, Laguna Beach
Nationality: CH
Bike: GT
iXS Gear: Helmets & Pads