Geoff Gulevich

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I grew up in North Vancouver. I came from a family of baseball players. At a young age I knew I wasn't a team sports kind of guy. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, the team player part developed later. I was the little brother who wanted to hang out with the older kids. My older Brother's buddies were the ones who got me into biking and showed me the way. I was hooked. That's all I did. 


My highlights are 5th at Redbull rampage. 5th at Redbull joyride and countless top tens in almost any event you can imagine. 

I've always been a film and photo athlete and continue to hunt and create content in areas that interest me. 

Real Value?

I have always been an adventurous person and i like to inspire people to go get out of their comfort zones, explore and grow as a person. I feel that I show people comfort and inspire them to do so.


I ride iXS helmets, pads and clothing. I know iXS makes the best pads and helmets, I feel safe and confident in them and people see that. North America has begun to feel the same way and insee the brand everywhere now. I don't think that is solely because of me but I do think I had some positive influence in showing the world that iXS is the real deal. 


Mountain biking isn't easy. Some days you'll hate it. You'll ask yourself "what am I doing?" But then you'll overcome your obstacles and see why you do what you love. Take that wisdom in whatever you are striving to achieve and don't give u

Lives in: Canada
Nationality: CAN
Bike: Rocky Mountain
iXS Gear: Helmets, Pads & Apparel