Garett Buehler

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I liv in Nelson British Colombia, and road my bike constantly growing up until it became second nature to walking

Real Value?

Besides the basics of honesty, respect, and humility, I value having a good time and trying to leave as little mark or footprint on the planet, and the environment we liv and play in... difficult to do in our current society, but I like to stay conscious of things I'm using and consuming, and try to learn in hopes to one day find the perfect balance and be able to pursue my own life in a way that is honest and respectful to the bigger picture, the earth, who really provides in so many ways. 


I ride all the gear, I like how its made with pet poly, which is basically recycled waste. 


We are not here for a long time, mind as well have a good time. Don't judge a book by its cover.

Lives in: CAN
Nationality: CAN
Bike: Knolly
iXS Gear: Apparel & Pads