Cedric Gracia

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I was born the 23/03/78 in Pau south west of france near the basque country. I grow up there until 14 year of age and then moved alone to Chamonix because i wanted to became a ski racer.


I didn't really have one hahahaha , I was just ready to race skis or bikes since early age but i guess I performed better in mountain biking than skiing. But seriousely now -  I follow what I loved the most, having fun riding bikes. 

Real Value?

Being able to share moments and emotions!  That's why we all have hobbies to escape our "real" life. Sometimes that's tough. You can be a World champ of whatever discipline you whish, but if you don't know how to share, you're loosing!


I wear all the protections and Helmets but most of it iXS's XULT helmet and the Flow protection pads. Those products are exactly what I was waiting for. They are technical, advanced, safe, super light, well vatilated and i love the look as well. For me those are the best!  

But beside products - being with iXS is like being part of a big family. 

Lives in: Andora
Nationality: FRA
Bike: Santa Cruz
iXS Gear: Protection & Helmets