My name is Brett Tippie and I was born in Vancouver, BC, raised in Kamloops and now live in North Vancouver with my wife and 2 little girls. I grew up doing all types of sports that my folks involved me in but really excelled in and loved football the most...until I started mountain biking and snowboarding in 1983! I have been hooked ever since!! I have raced and been freeriding the mountains as a pro for a few decades but have also transitioned some of my time and energy to announcing events and hosting internet videos and end up wearing many hats and doing many jobs that include Director of Good Times, one of the Godfathers of Freeride, Brand Ambassador, Product Tester, Pinkbike Video Host, Live Events Announcer, Guide, Coach, and Dad.


Oh man, I don't know where to begin! First it was in the snow being on the Canadian National Team racing GS and Snowboardcross on the World Cup snowboard circuit riding for Burton Snowboards in the '90's, retiring as the Canadian Grand National Boardercross Champ in 2000, and most recently getting 3rd place (Bronze Duct Tape) in Masters at the 30th Annual 2016 Mt. Baker Banked Slalom. For mountain biking, it was pioneering some of the first big mountain lines carving turns, doing drops and steeps in the original freeride movies that modern riders are still filming today, being part of the Rocky Mountain Froriders (the world's first professional freeride team), taking mountain biking to the media in a new, exciting way, and shooting in various exotic locations with rad humans. There's also competing in Rampage, winning CWX Deep Summer with photographer Ale di Lullo, and just being one of the first freeriders who's still an active athlete today. On the mic, it's hosting Crankworx, 'Just the Tip' vids at events like Red Bull Rampage, and Sea Otter. A few World Champs are highlights as well, and doing some live announcing at the Canada Cup DH, BC Cup DH, FIS World Cup Snowboardcross, BC Snowboard Slopestyle and SBX Series, UCI BMX World Cup Finals, Red Bull Crashed Ice (World Ice-cross Championships), Red Bull GRC Rally Car Championships, and my first FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Downhill and Super-G (Olympic test event) in preparation for the South Korea 2018 Winter Olympics! I feel so lucky to be around so many crazy, talented athletes in many different sports doing their thing! It's inspiring!

Real Value?

I value family, friendship, loyalty, honesty, hardwork, good humour, risk taking, positive energy, creativity, and making time in life to shred the elements! I value my time in the hills, or forest, hopefully riding with my girls or buddies...or cool complete strangers! I work and am on the road a lot shooting, announcing or producing content so I really enjoy anytime shredding some trails with my wife. In adventure, I value people on adventures  who like to give 'er working hard and playing hard with a chill attitude! 


I have been rocking the IXS Metis helmet, RS Trail helmet and love the Carve kneepads! The gear fits well, looks good, keeps me safe when things get crazy and is so comfortable I forget I'm wearing it. That's a good sign!


Be on time and be helpful; even if it's just offering to help set up and take down the display or booth. Be positive, professional, and yourself at all times. Do your research ahead of time on whatever event or shooot you are attending, keep bullet point notes, thank the sponsors, organizers and of course the volunteers. The kids of today are the bosses of tomorrow, you never know who is going where, be nice to everyone because it makes everyone feel good. The majority of the honest-to-goodness real badass ski/sled/moto/board/mountain bike heroes I've met over the years are really positive, friendly, happy people, and that, along with determination, work ethic, talent and some luck, is the magic combination. And, last but not least, enjoy the moment and enjoy being where you are! 

Lives in: CAN
Nationality: CAN
Bike: Rocky Mountain
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