Adrien Loron

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I'm 24 years old, from France and Spain, have been doing a lot of different sport since I'm a kid.

I started with skateboard at 3 than surf, snowboard, BMX racing for 15 years, Motocross and MTB at last. I'm racing MTB events from 2013, Pro since 2014.


My career started properly after winning both of Crankworx Pumptrack Challenge in Les2Alpes and Whistler in 2013.

I'm pretty stocked on my tree last World Champion tittles: Speed&Style 2016 - Pumptrack 2016 - Pumptrack 2015. Still chasing the King of Crankworx Title for next year!!

Real Value?

Passion is one of the most important thing for me. You can't give your best doing something if you don't really love it. And that's the main reason why I'm training so hard to keep travelling and racing all over the year. I always remember from where I come from cause I want to stay who I am, even if my name grow up in the MTB scene. I'm also very grateful to the huge help that my Family, my Friends and my sponsors gave me and still giving me. One of the best award of my adventures still meeting new poeple and different cultures.


I'm riding with iXS helmet, pads and clothes. I feel safe and confy at the same time wich is really important to push the limits of our sport. I love the somber designs of the products and the fact that it's made with recycled fibers. The "Carve EVO knee" pads are just the best I ever tried!


If you wanna improve your MTB skills, always protect yourself, and do it with the best! iXS as everything that you need. Don't forget: after a crash, a 50€ helmet is a 50€ brain!

Lives in: France
Nationality: FRA
Bike: Norco
iXS Gear: Helmets, Apparel & Pads =  best combo possible :-)