Pivot 6.1 kids jersey

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Pivot 6.1 kids jersey
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Pivot 6.1 kids jersey

If you care more about speed and whips than the tocking clock, the goldola is your second best friend and the afterbike-Ovo helps killing the armpump, the iXS Race Park Edition is all yours.

The Race Bike Park Edition is about those who care more about style and speed than a ticking clock.
Containing a shorts and jerseys in various colors combined with a collection of matching DH- Gloves and Fullface Helmets the Bike Park Editon is ready for Every Bike Park.
The Jerseys are well vented with a full side mesh, for total climate control. the PET Fabric dries quickly and the collar is prepared for a neck brace of your choice.
The Combos loose fit, lets you tweak the whips out to the max and feeling comfy even if you to pedal a few meters up once in a while.
Shorts made of rugged and strong polyester canvas, ready and tough to take a hard beating time by time, loose fitted.


- Loose Fit, wide cut
- 100% Polyester
- Brace Neck™ - kompatibel für Nackenschützer
- Aeration and mesh structure
- Breathable
- Climate Control & moisture wicking