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The purpose of this website is to offer information on our company and its services. Visiting this website does not constitute a contractual relation of any kind between iXS Sports Division and the user. The tools published on this website do not constitute either a request for a bid or an offer. iXS Sports Division strives to keep the contents of this website up to date, complete and correct. But as this information is subject to fast changes, we cannot guarantee that all information is up to date, correct and complete at all times.

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5. No safe data transfer

Communication by email is generally handled by an open and transboundary web accessible to anyone. In addition it is not encrypted. Thus we cannot exclude that the data sent are visible to third party actors, allowing them to backtrack the contact with iXS Sports Division.

6. Protection of privacy

iXS Sports Division reserves the right to register and analyse personal data that were transferred electronically for marketing purposes. The company does respect the provisions as formulated by the Swiss federal data privacy act and does not transfer the data to third party actors.

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